No Internet Connection


  • Inability to connect to Wi-Fi networks.
  • Limited or no internet connectivity.
  • Intermittent disconnection from the network.
  • Slow or unstable network speeds.
  • “No Internet Access” error messages.


  • Router or Modem Issues:
    • Problems with the router or modem settings.
    • Firmware issues affecting network performance.
  • Network Configuration Problems:
    • Incorrect IP address or DNS settings.
    • Network profile corruption.
  • Outdated Network Drivers:
    • Outdated or incompatible network adapter drivers.
    • Driver conflicts affecting connectivity.
  • Wireless Interference:
    • Interference from other electronic devices.
    • Signal obstruction or distance from the router.
  • ISP or Server Issues:
    • Internet service provider (ISP) outages or disruptions.
    • Problems with DNS servers.


  • Router and Modem Troubleshooting:
    • Restart the router and modem.
    • Update router firmware if available.
  • Check Network Settings:
    • Verify and correct IP address and DNS settings.
    • Reset network configurations if necessary.
  • Update Network Drivers:
    • Use Device Manager to update network adapter drivers.
    • Download and install the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Address Wireless Interference:
    • Position the router in a central location.
    • Minimize interference from other electronic devices.
  • Contact ISP and Check Server Status:
    • Contact the ISP to inquire about service disruptions.
    • Use alternative DNS servers if necessary.

Connectivity problems can be caused by a wide variety of factors. All of our Gaming PCs come with a comprehensive 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty. If you are having problems with one of our systems, please contact us so that we can help you.

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