Blue Screen Errors (BSOD)


  • Sudden system crashes leading to a blue screen.
  • Error messages containing stop codes during crashes.
  • Automatic system restarts after a blue screen incident.
  • Inconsistent system behavior before crashes.
  • BSOD occurrences during specific tasks or activities.


  • Hardware Issues:
    • Faulty RAM, GPU or other hardware components.
    • Incompatible or outdated device drivers.
  • Software Conflicts:
    • Incompatible or corrupted system or software files.
    • Conflicts between installed software.
  • Driver Problems:
    • Outdated or malfunctioning device drivers.
    • Incorrect drivers installed.
  • Overheating:
    • Excessive heat affecting system stability.
    • Inadequate cooling solutions or blocked ventilation.
  • Windows Updates:
    • Issues arising from incomplete or failed Windows updates.
    • Conflicts between the operating system and recent updates.


  • Check Hardware:
    • Run hardware diagnostic tests to identify faulty components.
    • Ensure all hardware components are securely connected.
  • Software Troubleshooting:
    • Use Windows System File Checker (SFC) to scan and repair system files.
    • Uninstall or update recently installed software causing conflicts.
    • If the crash only happens when running a specific software or game, it is most likely related to that software.
  • Update Device Drivers:
    • Use Device Manager to update all device drivers.
    • Visit manufacturers’ websites for the latest driver updates, this is often times more reliable than using Windows Update.
  • Monitor System Temperature:
    • Use monitoring tools to check and manage system temperature.
    • Clean fans and ensure your chassis have proper ventilation and airflow.
  • Windows Update:
    • Check for and install pending Windows updates.
    • Roll back recent updates if BSOD issues started after an update.

BSODs can be caused by a wide variety of factors. All of our Gaming PCs come with a comprehensive 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty. If you are having problems with one of our systems, please contact us so that we can help you.

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